7 Best Bicycle Brand in Bangladesh – 2024

7 Best Bicycle Brand in Bangladesh - 2024

Friends, welcome to the banglait24 website. If you want to know the Best Bicycle Brand in Bangladesh then you have come to the right post. Today I James, will talk to you about the 7 Best Bicycle Brand in Bangladesh – 2024. So guys let’s get started.

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Best Bicycle Brand in Bangladesh

  • Giant Bicycles
  • Duranta Bicycle
  • Hero Bicycles
  • Trek Bicycles
  • Merida Bikes
  • Scott Bicycles
  • Phoenix Bicycles

1) Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles

A well-known global brand, Giant offers a large selection of bicycles for various riding styles including road, mountain, and hybrid riding. Friends, Their motorcycles are renowned for their high-quality components, performance, and stability. In several Bangladeshi stores, one can find a variety of Giant bicycles.

2) Duranta Bicycle

Duranta Bicycle

Friends, A well-known bike brand in Bangladesh is Duronto Bicycle. Produced by Rangpur Metal Industries, a subsidiary of the Pran-RFL Group, its primary factory is located in Habiganj. The motorcycles of this brand are all manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, which is highly favored among Bangladeshis. Moreover, they export their bicycles to other countries. Friends, Duronto aims to provide premium products at the best possible prices. Their goal is to offer premium products at the lowest possible cost.

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3) Hero Bicycles

Hero Bicycles

Friends, Hero is a well-known Indian bicycle brand that has a significant following in Bangladesh. They provide a range of bicycles suitable for fitness, recreational riding, and commuting. Hero bicycles are highly favored by Bangladeshi riders because of their reasonable pricing, robust build, and reliability.

4) Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycles

Friends, Trek is a prestigious global bicycle brand known for its modern design and high-performance bikes. Among other things, they offer a wide selection of bicycles suitable for road cycling, mountain biking, and urban commuting. Trek bicycles are designed with state-of-the-art technology and premium components to provide riders with an exceptional riding experience. Friends, Many Bangladeshi bikers choose Trek bicycles because of their reliability and value for money, as well as their emphasis on engineering excellence and stability.

5) Merida Bikes

Merida Bikes

In 2024, another well-known foreign bicycle brand, Merida, which has gained notable popularity in Bangladesh, has continued to flourish. Friends, They are renowned for crafting remarkable bicycles suitable for both recreational and competitive riders. Catering to various riding styles and preferences, Merida offers models of different bikes including hybrids, road bikes, and mountain bikes. Friends, Merida bicycles are highly preferred by Bangladeshi bikers due to their innovative design and use of modern equipment, ensuring reliable and skilled performance across various terrains.

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6) Scott Bicycles

Scott Bicycles

Friends, Premium bicycle manufacturer Scott is renowned for its performance-driven design and cutting-edge technology. They offer a wide selection of bicycles for urban commuting, road cycling, and mountain biking, all carefully crafted for enhanced comfort and performance. Scott bicycles are designed to improve riders’ efficiency and enjoyment. They are meticulously engineered with attention to detail. Friends, Bangladesh’s top riders and enthusiasts who value speed, reliability, and performance choose Scott bicycles for their lightweight design, aerodynamics, and innovative features.

7) Phoenix Bicycles

Phoenix Bicycles

In Bangladesh, ‘Phoenix’ is a familiar name. If you haven’t heard about this brand in Bangladesh, I’m telling you. Friends, Millions of people have fallen in love with various models of these Chinese bicycles. The bicycle manufacturers are enthusiastic and experts in producing well-made bicycles.

If you want to get a Phoenix bike, then the 26″ metal body 21-speed Phoenix bike is an excellent choice. It is specially designed with men in mind. Friends, The frame is 26″ by 17″ and made of metal. A thick plastic pedal included with the bike adds more comfort to it.

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